Our goal with this new podcast is to ensure that you have a great vacation when traveling to Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Line. Over the last 10 years that we have been going to the parks we have experienced many dining, special events, parties, and tours that Disney has to offer. We will be reviewing these experiences for you so that you know whether or not these experiences fit your family.

Many times we have attended an event or been dining at a Disney restaurant and said, “well it’s not for us but I can see the appeal for other people.” So that is what we hope to bring to you, our experience and then who we think it might appeal to.

We hope that through listening to these reviews that you can learn about new experiences that you might not know about or learn about a restaurant that you always wanted to go to but just haven’t had the opportunity to make it to yet.

We live in Orlando, Florida but have also lived in many other places where Disney was not as accessible. So we still have appreciation for the parks and realize that many people do not get to go to the park as much as us locals. We used to live in Northern Michigan and we would constantly be planning our next Disney vacation but we could never find a good podcast that really focused on the dining and additional experiences that Disney World had to offer.

Now that we live in the area we go at least once a week to the parks or to Disney Springs. Each time we go we try and eat at a different restaurant or try and go for dinner if we have only maybe experienced breakfast at that particular location.

This year we also made our first trip to Disneyland and fell in love. Our next trip is at the end of January and our days there are already filling up with reservations. We cannot wait to get back and tell you about all of our experiences and hopefully convince you to go out west, if you haven’t already.

Disney Cruise Line is also one of our favorite spots. We have been on 4 Disney Cruises and love every second that we are on board. All 4 of our cruises have been in last 2 years so we have been going about once every 6 months since our first cruise. There is all kinds of things that we would like to share with our listeners about these cruises. If you haven’t been on a Disney Cruise I think after you listen to our podcast about it you will be booking one very soon.

Our plan is to have the first episode of Ears and Cheers up Monday January 2nd. Your New Year’s resolution can be to listen to every episode!

Before I go I would like to thank all of our followers on Instagram. Please feel free to comment on our photos or reach out to us directly with any questions about Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Line. We have a lot of information that we would love to share.

You can contact us by emailing us at matt@earsandcheers.com.